Identifying the Users
User Task Completion
User Interviews
Concept Ideation
Prototype Design
Prototype Testing
Synthesis Mapping
Prototype Iteration

The local music industry and community have been hit hard by the pandemic and Triple R Radio is a major supporter of local voices and the Melbourne music scene. As it is community funded, it’s digital subscriber sign up process and communication is especially important. This independent project explores new user flows and design solutions for the digital subscriber sign up journey.

Poster Images referenced fom Triple R.

Research Objectives

After a landscape review and some desktop research, I suspected that users may have found the Triple R digital sign up process challenging to navigate. I also explored existing data and statistics, conducted a SUS survey and created a lean persona to determine who I should be talking to during my user research. If 75% of users believed improvements could be made my hunch was correct and I would proceed with finding new design solutions. My research objectives were as follows:

  1. Identify subscriber sign up incentives, and beliefs.

  2. Understand how users experienced the process.

  3. Find out how the user flow or other design elements impacted peoples involvement and understanding.

Key Insights

Once putting together and conducting user interviews and testing for the existing sign up user flow I discovered the following key insights:

  1. At least seventy-five percent of users thought the form layout could be improved or did not engage with divided form sections.

  2. Some users found some explanations and guidance throughout the process unclear.

  3. Listeners are extremely loyal. While they are curious about subscriber benefits they are mainly driven to sign up as a means of contributing and doing good.

Design Recommendations

  1. Information could be incorporated into a more succinct user flow with stronger hierarchy that provides clearer guidance.

  2. Copy throughout the sign up process should be made clear for both new and familiar users. 

  3. I would incorporate warmer language and user prompts to create an inclusive experience and to reinforce a sense of community.

Key Insights

After synthesising my research I created two low fidelity wire frames for user testing. Both prototypes were tested and my key user insights were as follows:

  1. Overall users preferred the second option because they found the user flow much more intuitive and direct. They also found that different subscription options were clearer in this user flow.

  2. Some users did not want to engage or explore further after completing the sign up process as they felt fatigued or time poor.


  1. Proceed with flow option 2 and incorporate other smaller areas of form layout feedback.

  2. I would recommend directly presenting users with only high priority information and upcoming events to encourage further user engagement after sign up. The option to further explore membership details on the site should be available on the final confirmation page but only for those who wish to. Station contact info should also be included. 

Final prototype and content plan ready for the next UI design process.