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Triple R radio — 
Improving the digital sign-up experience.

Independent work
I completed this work in 2020 when I completed the online future skills course in UX and UI at RMIT.
Desktop research
Key audience analysis
User survey and Interviews
Wireframe prototype creation
Prototype testing and refinement
The projectThe local music industry and community were hit hard by the pandemic and Triple R Radio is a major supporter and platform for local artists. As a community-funded station, the digital subscriber sign-up process is important for station income and survival. This independent project explores new user flows and solutions for the digital subscriber sign-up journey.

Step 1 — 
Discovery and defining the problem space

My first step was to understand the landscape of creative memberships and learn about Triple R’s key audiences.
Desktop research and audience research
To find out about Triple R’s key audiences I explored existing data and statistics to develop some key personas. I also explored other subscription user flows and systems to see how other brands took users on the membership sign-up journey.

My HunchAfter some discovery exploration I suspected that a simpler and more intuitive user flow could improve people’s sign-up experience and provide clarity on subscription offerings. This could result in higher sign-up rates and subscriber engagement. My next step was to learn if my hunch was reflective of people’s actual experience and identify audience true sign-up incentives.

Who are Triple R listeners?

Statistic information has been quoted from the Triple R media kit 2020.

User Persona example

Ben, 25 yrs old, Melbourne, works as a freelance creative.
User Goals
  • Get involved with Triple R and support my community.
  • Take advantage of membership discounts and attend Triple R events when lockdowns end.

  • I need to understand the different membership options so I can decide which one is best.
  • I need a quick way to sign up online so I can easily organise my membership.

Pain Points
  • I am currently working part-time so I’m not sure if I should spend money on a membership at the moment.
  • I’m not sure which subscription option to choose as I am a creative professional but don’t understand the long-term benefits of the regular vs creative industry subscription choices.

  • Get more listeners involved with the Triple R community.
  • Increase exposure for the artists we support through member involvement and communities.
  • Increase donations so we can improve our the station.

Step 2 — 
User survey and interviews

To understand if my assumptions were correct I conducted a survey and tested the existing sign-up process with in-person interviews and observation. From talking to both general listeners and existing members across key demographics I formed the following insights and recommendations.

Insight 1During the existing sign-up experience both new and familiar users missed key subscription information and felt information and form questions could be laid out in a clearer, more intuitive way without split sections for similar content.

Recommendation Reduce cognitive load for users and the need to search for related information in different areas by simplifying the form layout and flow.

Insight 2 Some users found occasional form field wording unconventional and vague without supporting descriptions when needed.

Recommendation Review form language throughout and test with users to pick up on any fields that require additional microcopy or adjustments.

Insight 3 Subscribers are loyal, and although they are curious about discounts and benefits, they are mainly driven to sign up as a means of contributing.

Incorporate warmer language and user prompts to create an inclusive experience to help the user feel like their contribution counts and to incentivise users to complete the process.

I would just be paying to listen and my subscription is me saying that I appreciate them.”

[ User testing participant]

Step 3 — 
Design and test

Testing insights

Based on insights from my first round of interviews I created two low-fidelity wireframe flows to test with users for further feedback. Again I completed in person prototype testing and interviews, took notes on improvements and developed the following high-level insights.

Insight 180% of users preferred the prototype with a simplified and integrated comparison table as it allowed them to quickly compare, assess, and select their subscription preference before entering personal information. As the creative industry memberships were only relevant for prize entry during a 2 week campaign period, removing these as options also helped simplify people’s decision-making process.

RecommendationProceed with the preferred sign-up landing structure and keep subscription-type options simpler with a creative industry selection included as a secondary question during campaign periods only.

Insight 2Half of the participants felt they didn’t have any interest in exploring too much detail on loyalty discounts and competition draws after signing up. They expressed that they would be signing up to support the station and would be more interested in hearing about upcoming Triple R station events.

RecommendationGive people options to explore what interests them after signing up to encourage further engagement but keep it short, sweet, and succinct so they make choices based on their individual preferences.

Insight 3Participants felt a casual and succinct tone of voice reflected a the Triple R community they wanted to engage with, while also being clear and concise.  

Recommendation Keep language choices friendly, concise, and conversational to reflect the on-air listening experience and grassroots of the station.

I really like this as an introduction and subscriber summary page.”

[User testing participant]

Step 4 —
Iterate and refine