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First Nations Futures —
A funding platform to support First Nations led initiatives.

Today, 2022

Project contribution
Stakeholder workshops

Desktop research

User goals and touch points 

UI design
Design roll-out
The project
First Nations Futures is a new First Nations-led funding platform that has been set up to redistribute wealth and support collective investment into First Nations initiatives for lasting intergenerational change.

We collaborated with FNF through a series of brand and concept workshops to design and build an MVP that would promote their partnerships with First Nation-led initiatives, and encourage audiences to co-invest.


I worked with the Art Director through the following phases:

Discover and define
We gained an understanding of key audiences, brand objectives, and internal funding processes through collaborative workshop sessions with the client.

DesignDeveloped concepts, key page designs, and rolled-out templates with ongoing client workshops and engagement.

Build and deliverWe worked collaboratively and iteratively with Today's development team to scope and assess the feasibility of the final build.